Generate more sales with Facebook AdS!

Looking to generate leads from Facebook but don't have the knowledge to do it yourself? Want to drive sales online but don't want to pay high monthly fees that wipe out your profits?

We are experts in Facebook marketing and have delivered results to many companies like you! Regardless of the industry you're in, we take the time to learn about your business, your customers and create an effective Facebook marketing strategy for you.

With nearly 2 billion users worldwide, and over 85% of the local market on Facebook, there is no better way to advertise directly to your target audience!

What We Do and How We Do it


Before we make any promises or launch any campaign, we conduct an online audit of your business to see how your tactics are performing. After compiling our data, we will create a custom targeted audience based on your business, industry and campaign objectives. At this time we will discuss what your business needs from your Facebook campaign.



Making sure your website, social media accounts and Facebook ad campaigns work together is critical for a successful campaign. Our experienced team will create a marketing funnel which includes ads, landing pages, retargeting tactics and tracking pages; along with any requirements like privacy and terms of service pages. Once your new marketing funnel is built and capable of accepting and tracking leads, our award-winning creative team will begin the creative process of building your ads. Finally, we will launch your campaign and watch the leads roll in.



As your campaign continues to optimize, we monitor it for engagement and work closely with you to control feedback and enquiries. We provide performance reports that detail cost per impression, engagement, link click, lead and conversion. As we measure the results, we will continue to make changes to better optimize your Facebook campaign.


Content Marketing

Nothing helps a Facebook ad campaign like some really good content marketing services. As an add-on to your Facebook ads, many of our clients ask us to create content for their blogs, social media accounts and ensure they are all branded effectively across the internet. We monitor your social media account and work closely with you on feedback and enquiries.


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